10 Family Photos You’ll Be Taking This Year


10 Family Photos You’ll Be Taking This Year

1. Back To School

You know, before their uniform starts shrinking and looking grubby and their hair and fingernails make you wonder where they’ve really been all day. Most of us take that picture on our phone each year through teary eyes outside our front door. Our babies are growing up so fast and yet here they are looking all fresh and new again (even though we know it’s a one-day thing).

2. Autumn

Kicking around all the pretty coloured leaves! The air is starting to feel chilly and you can dig out your comfy wellies and go for a ramble with the kids. Simple, free, no technology (aside from your camera!) and a great excuse to get outdoors for some exercise and time together. Get some action shots as well as some snuggly-cuddly photos!

3. Halloween

Trick or treat? Are you secretly planning your family’s co-ordinated, themed attire for October 31st to wow your friends? Or are you staying in with a multi-bag of sweets and letting your kiddo deal with the Trick or Treaters at your door? If Halloween is on your family’s calendar, the chances are that your little ones are excited about it and even if you’ve not organised a costume (again), you’ll be capturing them dressed in a perfectly good bin-bag (witch) or bedsheet (ghost) to giggle at in years to come!

4. Christmas

Obviously… that look when the children open their presents, someone sleeping post-dinner, that annual traditional photo of everyone standing by the tree or all wearing their cracker hats! When you count, there are actually so few Christmases when the kids are little and the magic is, well, magical, and you’ll love having these to look back on as families both grow and dwindle as time marches on. This is family time at its greatest.

5. Birthday

Ok, so you’ve got a Pinterest board, Amazon Prime and a vision that will be the talk of your kid’s classroom! You’ve baked a unicorn cake, hired an entertainer and made up personalised party bags! You’ll be wanting photos of the birthday girl enjoying herself surrounded by all your efforts and her family and friends! Or maybe you just love a single photo of your child on their birthday to mark the occasion and so that each year you can see them grow. Perhaps each year, you’ll picture them with their favourite new toy or present. Don’t forget to be in a photo with your child too, that’s the one they’ll treasure.

6. Holiday Activities

Whether you spend your leisure time camping, building LEGO cities, swimming, these are the memories you’re making as a family! Why not make an album or your holiday snaps – the kids blowing bubbles or splashing dad in the pool, wearing a new outfit or messing up an old one? Staying home for the school holidays? How about proudly holding your LEGO creations or learning how to ride a bike? Even just snuggling on the sofa makes the perfect capture of your relationships.

7. Family Selfie

Can you get everyone in? Can you get the angle just right? Has everyone got their eyes open? Even those gone-wrong selfies can stimulate memories and make for hilarious conversation when you next look back at them! Make a collage of them all just for the laughs! Time to use that timer mode! Quick, you’ve got 10 seconds…

8. Summer

Bring on the sun! I’m writing this in the depths of winter. It’s raining outside and I’ll turn the heating up a couple of degrees in a moment but for now, I’m warming up just thinking about those hazy summery afternoons sitting in the garden… get the paddling pool out or throw a ball, or, my favourite, lay out a blanket, grab some cushions and your favourite books and read stories together with a cool glass of squash (or you know, whatever works for you)! Snap some photos with this top tip; place all subjects with their back to the sun for a more flattering, less squinty photo! Don’t forget the sunscreen!

9. Firsts & Lasts

First tooth, first day at school, first bike, last night at home before you move, last day before a sibling arrives… all these once-in-a-lifetime moments make such milestones in our lives and make sense of an image. These photos are the illustrations which tell the story of your family life.

10. Achievements

Whether your children’s or your own, make sure to snap a few celebratory photos to mark the occasion and evoke the same feelings of pride and happiness the achievement gave you every time you look at the pictures. It’s a great way to keep those positive feelings alive.

Happy snapping! Read about more topics on my blog.

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