You’ve made it here, hurrah! I’m guessing, if you’re anything like me, you’ve managed against all odds to snatch 5 minutes in your busy day or you’ve finally settled down with a cuppa after your kids are tucked up in bed.

How do I know? Because that’s me too!

If you’re reading this, then I’m guessing you’re considering a photoshoot. But I know you’re feeling anxious about it…

We are ever in wait of ‘perfection’ before we feel ready to be photographed.

But secretly, we know the truth, that life runs wild. That perfection is an illusion holding us back from capturing the moment; the firsts, the lasts.

We lose our days to hectic schedules and a never-ending ‘to do’ list, and before we know it, the days have turned to years.

But what if you could pause and rewind?

Photographs are the tangible reminders of your memories – the birth of your baby, that first day at school, the last night before you move to a new home. Images like these grow infinitely in value, weaving your family’s story into history. They’re for you right now but they’ll be for your children, and theirs, in the years that are coming.

But it’s the small things that get left behind and forgotten. The ordinary, day-to-day things. The way a little hand fits in yours or the soft fuzz of newborn hair or the way your child loves to play a simple game of ‘hide and seek’.

As your photographer, I’ll document these precious details and craft a session around your family. It’s about capturing the interaction between you and preserving authentic moments, however small, how imperfect, however real. Most importantly, it’s about helping you to hold onto the essence of who you are right now. Before everyone grows and changes and life moves on.

Because life won’t wait. This is it.

I can’t wait to meet you!


Kate x


“Kate has an amazing talent to photograph in the most natural way, making the photos so beautifully true to life and she manages to capture those moments that maybe you don’t see. Best of all, what you get from Kate is something unique and special and very personal!”

Lyndsey Lazell - 'Lyndsey Loves'

I’m a musicals-loving, tea-drinking, cat-owning, Netflix-watching, mum-bun wearing, business owner and proud mum to two little daughters.

I’m a photographer and videographer with a fresh, light, relaxed style, working with other mums and their families to create stand-out contemporary images.

Kate is an award-winning photographer and videographer based in Sittingbourne, Kent, with multiple features in magazines and blogs, most notably VOGUE Italia. She shoots in a light and airy style for weddings, families and businesses. With a prior background in education, Kate connects well with children and is recommended by past clients for her ability to put people at ease to get the very best results. She loves creating AI art and is currently writing a YA dystopian novel.

“Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.”


Family Photography Kent

Have a look at your phone photos right now – lots of family snaps or hardly any at all? In either case, you’d love some really great family photographs, right?

You’d really like to find time to organise a session and appreciate the value of existing in photographs with your children and for your children. You’ve been putting it off though, haven’t you?

You’ll love my style if you’d like to see your gallery filled with natural candids, relationships between family members, genuine moments and expressions, interspersed with a few portraits of everyone together, looking relaxed and happy in light and airy images, either in an outdoor setting or in the comfort of your own home. You’ll enjoy working with me if you’d like someone friendly and chatty and who understands just how life is as a busy mum! Don’t worry about the kids not ‘performing’ either. I was a primary school teacher so I’ve got plenty of ideas to engage your little ones so they’ll really enjoy the experience.  

With a relaxed yet stylish approach, my signature images aim to portray everything that you love about your family.


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“Kate has an amazing ability to not just capture the moment but to capture the very essence of your child! How you feel about them, caught and
immortalised in print!”



Sittingbourne | Kent