We’ve acquired many night lights over the years but this one is so good, I bought two! 

It’s USB rechargeable so unsightly or dangerous wires to worry about.

You tap it to turn it on and off so it’s simple and you can manage it in the dark. It dims and brightens to suit you which means it’s adaptable for all sorts of scenarios.

It has a warm yellow mode as well as various other colours which you can have as static colours or on a cycle. It’s functional but also very sensory and atmospheric. 

I love its contemporary, minimalist design, ease of use and portability so you can pop them wherever you need – be it on a changing table, bedside table or shelf!

Battery life lasts ages!


Aspirations of a modern, Pinterest-style home but struggle with the clutter?

These storage baskets are for you! They’re gorgeous! I have so many!

They instantly modernise and minimalise all the stuff on bookcases and shelves and are fabulously portable and lightweight.

I use some as little portable toy boxes on rotation to keep my baby engaged.

I use others to tidy up my daughter’s bookcase of all those bits and bobs that have no home.

I may also have pinched some to make my bathroom look tidy…

You get 4 in a pack and the black and white design goes with everything, no matter your decor.



No more slipping, sliding baby in the highchair! It definitely helped to stop my little one from slumping.

This is a clever little invention which you pop onto the seat.

It’s a flexible, silicone patch which adds some friction to your baby’s bum. 

Great for those earliest days in the highchair. 

Designed by mums for mums. 

It’s super portable too so if you’re heading out for lunch, you can pop it in your bag and make sure to keep your little one put!

Weaning though… arghhhhh! 



One of my most useful purchases during Pandemic-induced home-schooling. I bought this for my daughter to help with Maths, since neither of us is a numerical natural.

It’s such a great way of making numbers visual. It really helps to more easily grasp concepts when you have a visual reference.

You can see the patterns for times tables and count forwards and backwards like a number line, and even play number games.

You can even use the removable blocks as counters! Bonus!

We all know that wood is more sustainable and eco-friendly than plastic too so it’s a feel-good thing.

Be sure to store it flat though or else you’ll be ordering numbers for the rest of your life! Or you can get your kids to do it… that counts as a Maths activity, right?


I kept seeing this miracle bib on Facebook and in the end it was the reviews that made me surrender and give it a go.

A bib is just a bib, right? Wrong!

This one covers your baby, obviously AND the highchair and acts as a ‘catch-all’ for food.

It does’ stop your bubba throwing their food on the floor but it does prevent their clothes and the seat of the highchair getting covered. Just scoop it up, empty and be done with all that messy lark. 


Our children grow up so blinking fast.

Whilst we’re looking at tomorrow for the next milestone, we sometimes forget yesterday. Then one day, we have a moment when we remember…

…or we forget because baby brain is a thing.

Either way, I have been filling ion one if these little books every single day. Just a one-sentence entry about something funny my kids have said or done or a place we visited or something else that I think I might like to hop back to in future.

It’s tiny so it’s not intimidating and doesn’t require more than 30 seconds to fill in. It has space for 5 years, so super economical too. I have mine by my bedside and it reminds me to be grateful every night.

I’m going to give it to my children one day as a gift. 

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