We’re going to create a beautiful collection of images of the people you love best.

These images will only ever increase in value.

In a time when we’re always worrying about our future, let’s not forget who we are today.

If not now, then when?

Kate x


At home… Choosing to photograph in your own home creates a unique and authentic snapshot of your family life. Capturing elements of your daily life will remind you of all the little things that make you who you are.


Or away… Venturing outside to photograph your family on location offers endless opportunities for a beautiful setting, whether it’s woodlands or a beach, your children will be entertained as we soak up and capture the atmosphere.


    • 45-60 minutes
    • Kent indoor or outdoor location of your choice
    • Suitable for extended family (ie. grandparents)
    • All-inclusive fee
    • All images included


    More Details

    A Full-length Session which is a 45-60 minute session at an indoor or outdoor location of your choice in Kent.

    If you would like to capture a wide variety of images, have a choice of location, and include extended family members such as grandparents and cousins, this session gives you that freedom. 

    This yields around 60 images.

    The length of this session allows time for everyone to relax. 

    You don’t have to appear in the photos but you do still have the choice if you feel more inclined to be on camera on the day. I gently nudge parents to appear in at least a few images with and for their children, as it’s usually a case of a little reassurance about the images being flattering, but the choice is totally and respectfully yours.

    This session is suitable for a single family, though close relatives are also welcome. 

    All images are included and supplied as high-resolution, non-watermarked, digital JPEGS, downloaded from an online gallery, which are you are free to print and share.

    You will also receive an additional, matching set in black and white for maximum flexibility for your onward photo projects.

    Total maximum spend for digital images is therefore £350.

    Prints, wall art and products are optional extras if required. You can also purchase a keepsake USB for £35.


      • 20 minutes
      • Outdoor location in Sittingbourne, Kent
      • Suitable for one family unit (up to 6)
      • 5 images included
      • Option to purchase more


      More Details

      A Mini Session which is a 20-minute outdoor session in Sittingbourne, Kent.   

      This yields around 20 images, 5 of which are included as part of your session fee.   

      This is suitable for adult or child portraits or for a single family of up to 6 people.   

      It can include all ages, though for newborns and babies who are unable to sit unaided, there will need to be an adult or responsible child in the shots as this is not a specialist newborn session. 

      Purchased images are supplied as high-resolution, non-watermarked, digital JPEGS, downloaded from an online gallery, which are you are free to print and share.

      If you wish, you can purchase additional images for £20 each, or you can purchase all remaining gallery images for £125. When purchasing the full gallery, you can also bolt on the full set in black and white for £50.

      Total maximum optional spend on digital images is therefore £250.

      Prints, wall art and products are additional if required. You can also purchase a keepsake USB for £35. 


        • 30-60 minutes
        • Kent indoor or outdoor location of your choice
        • Suitable for one family (close relatives welcome)
        • All-inclusive fee
        • 5-minute video set to licenced music included


        More Details

        A Videography Session which is a 30-60 minute session at an indoor or outdoor location of your choice in Kent.

        This is for a 5 minute film set to licensed music. 

        This is suitable for a single family, though close relatives such as grandparents and cousins are also welcome.

        Capturing stylised memories of you and/or your children just as they are right now. A general video or a chance to record their first bike, a day trip with the grandparents, or your newborn’s first days. 

        This movie will be supplied via a private online link which you can choose to share if you wish, and download to your own files.



        “Kate’s photos are absolutely stunning. She makes you feel very comfortable and is brilliant with kids. She is super friendly but still professional. Kate has helped my family make some wonderful memories.”

        AMIE SUDDS


        Your family right now, just as you are, forever remembered in a family film.


        FIVE STARS!

        “Kate has been my photographer of choice three times now for photos of my children and nieces. She is one of life’s incredible people. Magnetic and friendly she makes a chaotic shoot with youngsters seem so breezy and enjoyable. Clearly a perfectionist, her finished products are just stunning. Five stars!”



        You’ve invested time and money into capturing a gallery of images of your precious family right now, before anyone grows any older. What will you do with these memory photographs?

        Within 2 weeks of your session, I’ll contact you with a link and password to view the images in your fully-edited online gallery in the comfort of your on home, where you can browse the images and make your selection from the menu.

        What will you do with your photos? Would you love to walk past them in your home every day? Or hold them in your hands in an album to show family and friends? Perhaps a relative would enjoy them as the perfect gift? Or you’d really get a thrill out of posting them on social media?

        You’re probably always on-the-go and have an already burgeoning ‘to do’ list which means you’d actually be glad of someone else taking the time to deal with all the hassles and technicalities of designing and ordering products, so you can sit back and just enjoy your photos for the rest of your life.

        A LA CARTE

        Fascinated by your parents’ collection of old photographs of everyone from your childhood? How about leaving some for your own children? How would you like your children to discover and enjoy them?











        “To show up in your children’s memories tomorrow, you have to show up in their lives today.”


        When can I schedule a session?

        I offer sessions both in your home and outdoors with some availability at weekends (around shooting weddings) and into the weekday evenings for families with school-aged children. Choosing a time is dependent on finding a mutually convenient time between us, so I will discuss it with you at the time of booking to find a suitable date and time.

        Do you offer gift vouchers?

        Yes! At present, you’ll receive a downloadable voucher.

        You can choose any denomination you wish but most gifts opt for a £75 voucher. This can be used for a Mini Session which is a complete gift with no obligation for the recipient to purchase anything additional themselves, though they can do so after they’ve seen their gallery if they wish.

        Alternatively, any denomination can be used as part-payment towards another session type. 

        Vouchers are valid for 12 months from purchase date and recipients will have the option to purchase additional images, prints and products from the range and price list which is current at the time of their session booking. 

        How do I book?

        Just contact me via the website! If you decide you’d like to commission me to create a collection for you, I’ll send you my online booking form.

        BOOK WITH ME

        Would you like photos either of your children or family or just of you whether personal or professional? I’d love to work with you to create the most beautiful collection which you’ll treasure forever.



        Kate x