Raising Four Boys


Raising Four Boys

Yes, you read that right! Not one, two or even three sons, but four! I spoke to this proud mumma, Katie, about her and her husband Marvin’s experience so far in raising boys…

One thing’s for sure, she’ll not be short of bodyguards to protect her as she gets older!

I’m so pleased that she found some time in her super hectic life, raising four children, to come and see me in the studio in Sittingbourne for some newborn photos of the latest addition to their gorgeous family of young men.

The couple loved their photos:

“Thank you so so much!”

So, I asked her what life is like in a household full of boys. I wonder how it felt to be raising boys!

Here’s what she said:

1. What are the ages of your boys?

My boys are aged 11, 8, 5 and 10 weeks old.

2. What’s it like to welcome a fourth son into the world?

It is amazing! Although it’s the 4th boy, each experience has been magical and unique in it’s own way.

3. What do you love about having a household of boys?

I love the energy in my house, and although sometimes it drives me crazy, I love the noise, I love the calls of ‘mum’ for various requests and I love the cuddles.

4. What tips would you have for others raising boys?

Be prepared to get interested in Lego, football, Fortnite, Minecraft and realise without even trying you will become an expert on these things. Realise you will permanently be finding socks thrown about the place and that boys are never fans of tidying.

5. Tell us about the sibling dynamics between the personalities of your boys?

One thing that surprised me when having children was how different they all are. In the beginning, I imagined because it was ‘another boy’ it would be like the previous, however each is very different and amazing in their own way. My eldest is football mad where as the second in line is obsessed with nature, animals and Lego. There are times their personalities clash and other times where it feels all of them are in a team together to wind me up. Both the older two are very good at looking after the new baby and even my 5 year old is keen to shower him with love.

6. How do you manage on a day-to-day basis with the logistics of four young boys?

I don’t stop and I am very good at multitasking. Even typing this I am doing so while breastfeeding. I have also got good at not sweating the small stuff and picking my battles. I have learnt it’s not worth arguing over which cup a 5 year old ‘needs’ to have their juice in. I have also got very used to being flexible and rolling with plans changing.

7. How do you hope to manage your return to work?

I’m trying to not think about this…

8. How have you managed the varying age-gaps between your boys?

Some age gaps are harder than others and sometimes it is harder to fit in some ages with the others. For example, currently my 11 year old seems much older than the 8 year old, however a few years ago the gap between them felt much smaller. I am enjoying having a 5 year gap with the baby though as all of the other children are now at school so from 9-3, I am able to focus purely on my baby.

9. Any plans for a fifth?!

Haha, I’d love to but unless I win the lottery I will say no!

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