Ordered a new baby wrap, the RYLOO BABY CARRIER! I swear this is the only way to get things done with a baby like mine.

I actually began motherhood (second time around!) with a Baby Bjorn Mini. It was pretty uncomfortable because it lacked back support which meant I couldn’t climb any mountains with my baby strapped to me, even if I’d wanted to! However, my friend passed me a third-hand baby wrap carrier and I felt an instant difference in comfort, not just for me but for my baby too. No wonder our ancestors did it this way!

I loved using a wrap so much because it felt like wearing a comfy top, just one with room for a baby! This made it feel more suitable when indoors, trying to get the housework done, working, etc. I wear it outdoors too! Everywhere! Saves having to take the pushchair and opens up where we can go.

My baby is now 11 months and I still do baby-wearing every day! She can face forwards or towards me with the same wrap tie. I wanted a lighter colour for the summer and since I literally live in a wrap, I fancied a choice… The RYLOO BABY CARRIER I chose is actually a very pale green/grey colour which I adore. It’s super lightweight too so great for travelling. It also serves as a sort of makeshift blanket (under strict supervision of course).

The RYLOO BABY CARRIER, like any wrap style, is way easier to tie than you think. Initially, tying a piece of material put me off too. It sounded like a long-winded faff. However, when my friend who gave me her old one showed me and I watched a simple tutorial on YouTube, I decided to have a go. It’s surprisingly easy! I was so glad I tried it for all the benefits it’s brought me. The first couple of times, you experiment with the tension but after that, you know how to tight to tie it. You can spread the material across your shoulders to distribute the weight which I found prevented any backache.

Remember, as with all baby slings, safety dictates that you keep their airway clear and be able to kiss their head. I think mums worry that their baby might fall out or that it’s complicated, but the way you tie it is genius, quick and super secure. It’s like cuddling your baby without the arm ache! To get them out, you simply lift them out! No need to re-tie!

RYLOO BABY CARRIER REVIEWWhat I really love about the RYLOO BABY CARRIER is that as a baby wrap, it’s soft and stretchy. I feel it’s so lovely for bonding. She sleeps against me. I can kiss her head at any time. Pegging the washing out without her trying to eat a snail is a breeze. I can have both hands free. I now feel better about my daily life because I can be with my baby as well as be productive.

Easily washable, you can freshen it up as part of your normal washing. Life with a baby means that space and storage at home are at a premium. However, the RYLOO BABY CARRIER is literally just a long piece of material, so it’s simple to fold and pop away with blankets and sheets, unlike traditional bulky baby carriers and baby slings.

Best invention ever.

Here’s the link to RYLOO BABY CARRIER on Amazon:

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