Review: VAVA Nightlight




We’ve acquired many night lights over the years but this one is so good, I bought two! Here’s my review of the VAVA LED NIGHTLIGHT…

It’s USB rechargeable so unsightly or dangerous wires or batteries to worry about. Battery life lasts ages!

You tap it to turn it on and off so it’s simple and you can manage it in the dark. It dims and brightens to suit you which means it’s adaptable for all sorts of scenarios. It has a warm yellow mode as well as various rainbow colours which you can have as static colours or on a gently changing cycle. It’s functional but also very sensory and atmospheric. It serves as a very relaxing light for baby to help baby drift off to sleep. Its highest setting is bright enough to illuminate the room and very easily read by. The lowest setting is just dim enough to see what you’re doing. Handy to check, feed or change your baby at night, without disturbing them!

I love the VAVA LED NIGHTLIGHT for its simple, contemporary, egg-shaped, minimalist design, and ease of use. It’s portable too. You can pop it wherever you need – be it on a changing table, bedside table, shelf, or even a tent if you’re the camping kind! I also think it adds a touch of familiarity at a grandparent’s house overnight or if you’re travelling. However, that’s also why we bought more than one, so we could have one on each floor of our town-house!

If you’re looking for a good baby nursery light, a kids’ bedside night light or even just a bedside light, the VAVA LED NIGHTLIGHT is a great choice for its portability, the fact that it’s so easy to use, its modern design and useful functions.

If you’ve found my review of the VAVA LED NIGHTLIGHT helpful and want to take a closer look, here’s the link to buy it on Amazon:

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