If you’d love a collection of fresh, light and airy photographs with a relaxed, stylish feel and think I’m the right photographer for you, all you need to do is contact me and I’ll send you my online booking form.

It contains a few questions to answer about how you want to be photographed and with whom. It’ll also show you an invoice and an agreement about what to expect as well information about the products and pricing available to you, so you can feel totally informed and confident about choosing me to capture your images.

I’ll send you confirmation and we’ll chat via email ahead of your session to make sure you feel comfortable about the finer details such as what to wear and where to come on the day. If we’re heading to a location, we’ll make sure we’re both clear on the our arrangements.

Exciting! I’ll look forward to meeting you!

Kate x


“Kate’s studio space is beautiful and stylish. She has a brilliant way of working with children and makes the shoot very relaxed. She managed to perfectly capture the characters of both of my children, leaving me with a beautiful keepsake.”




On the day, when you arrive, you’ll have time to settle in whilst I make you a cuppa! We’ll chat so you can familiarise yourself with the studio and we’ll have a catch-up chat before the camera comes out!

For families coming to the studio, there are baby-changing facilities, a toilet, a screen if you would prefer a little privacy when breastfeeding and a comfy sofa for everyone to pile onto! The space is designed like a little apartment, so you can feel relaxed and ‘at home’. We’ll move into taking photos as your children discover the wooden studio toys, chill out with a book on the bed, sleep in the crib or sit by the fireplace. I’ll gently guide you around the space to elicit some natural interaction and expressions whilst also creating a few of those more classic portraits with individuals and different combinations. I’ll be looking for flattering angles as you enjoy time with your children. We can pop some music on, blow bubbles, read a story or we’ll just get you having a big family hug! I can even film little clips too!

If we’re meeting at an outdoor location, we’ll go for a stroll as we chat and relax into the session, photographing fairly organically as we discover the best spots. We’ll often go with the children’s natural instincts to explore and play, with some guidance and prompts from me to foster those natural expressions and interactions between your family. Much like a studio session, I’ll get you to have a hug, go for a hand-in-hand walk, play or climb, sit together, whatever feels intuitive on the day. This is very much a collaborative process so you’ll always feel in control.

For women during a ‘Sirens’ session, you’ll have your make-up tended to first whilst I pull out the refreshments and we chat! If you’ve brought a friend then we can involve them in deciding which outfits to start with whilst we pop some music on and enjoy trying out different poses and different looks. For personal braining, we’ll have a pretty firm idea from our pre-shoot discussions about what we’re aiming for so now’s when it all comes together!



“Kate has an amazing ability to not just capture the moment but to capture the very essence of your child! How you feel about them, caught in a snapshot immortalised in print!”




After your session, I’ll carefully craft a beautiful collection of fully-edited images for your gallery. Around 7-10 days after your session, you be invited back to the studio for a Viewing & Choosing Session, which usually lasts around an hour.

There will be refreshments for you and you can relax knowing the technology is taken care of and you’re getting the best possible experience of viewing your images. I’m there, immediately on hand to answer questions and help you choose images you love.

You’ll not be under any pressure whatsoever to buy anything you do not want, love or can’t afford. I can show you how other people just like you and with similar preferences are enjoying their images, whether on the wall, in print, or in digital form and can take away all that hassle and technicalities.

After you’ve seen the images and know whether/which/how many of the photos you’d like to buy at your Choosing Session, your original session fee also includes £99 credit towards your chosen package. If a package isn’t right for you, you can choose individual items from the a la carte list.

Please feel reassured that there is no pressure to purchase the images if you do not wish to do so. We both only want you to have what you truly love, want and can afford. Payment for your choices will be taken at this time so we can process your order and get your images ready for you to start enjoying!



Would you like photos either of your children or family or just of you whether personal or professional? I’d love to work with you to create the most beautiful collection which you’ll treasure forever.


Kate x