Why Newborn Photos Aren’t On Your Radar (Yet)


I get so many enquiries from families with new babies that I want to just touch on why I think some parents are particularly drawn to my natural, relaxed, fresh, light, home-styled photography.

Newborn photography is incredibly popular, with most images falling into one of two main categories:

…against a backdrop with babies wrapped, posed and positioned in various props and studio outfits…

…or else at home in their true-life environment.

Both can be absolutely lovely and I know some incredible photographers in both camps!

But what if you’re the kind of person who might feel pretty intimidated by these kinds of sessions?

It means that you’ve either got to feel completely comfortable with someone else handling your tiny bundle in those first couple of weeks or you’re nervous about how your home is going to photograph.

Rest assured that most professional newborn studio photographers will take care of you and your baby and that the documentary photographers in your home will be there precisely to capture the love in your newly upside-down life amidst the chaos. Both can be beautiful.

However, when I became a new mum for the first time myself in 2012, I barely left my house because I felt unsure (terrified) about life outside with a newborn.

What dangers lurked around every corner?

Should I abandon the nappy bag in favour of a suitcase because surely I needed everything with me?

Would I be able to park/feed/change somewhere convenient?

I think many new mums initially go through this and maybe like you, the thought of organising newborn photos in those first few weeks in a studio somewhere or else in your own home is simply not on your radar? (More like… are they still breathing?!)

It does mean, however, that I missed out on professional photographs of my daughter in those first precious few months.

So, I wanted to make it easier for you as new parents to have photos of and with your new arrival without any pressure or stress, and this is it…

1. Firstly, I offer ‘nearly newborn’ photos which just means that you book whenever you feel ready! There’s no perfect age requirement, it’s just about letting you decide when you start to find your feet and feel most comfortable.

2. Secondly, we’ll photograph you and your baby in my unique studio which looks and feels like a little contemporary but timelessly neutral home, where you are able to relax knowing there’s no tidying/washing to contemplate and there’s even a hot cup of tea for you! I don’t offer traditional wrapping of your baby or position them in buckets, rather I just photograph them as they are, with you and without, as naturally as possible.

3. Finally, you’ll be able to be in photos with your baby. You won’t have to pose awkwardly against a backdrop or worry about wearing unusual clothes. The space is designed to help us create natural, relaxed images with you as you are so that in years to come, you’ll have images which showy together, as these are the images everyone, especially your child, will come to treasure.

So, if you’d love like some gorgeous images of your baby but you just haven’t felt quite right about the whole experience then let’s chat and see if my style of working could be right for you. Contact me above!


“Hi, I’m Kate, a family photographer in Kent. If you'd love light, natural, relaxed photos in your family gallery, captured whilst you enjoy just being together, then I might be the photographer for you! Fancy an outdoor family photoshoot on the beach or in the woods? Let’s create that timeless collection of images for your family before anyone grows any older! I’d love to meet you and capture the memories you’re making along the way…”




Kate x




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